Hi! I'm Cassie.

A photographer with a passion for authentic storytelling, and a good cup of coffee

Hey there!

I'm Cassie, and I live in Toronto with my Australian Shepherd, Hersh. When I'm not editing photos, I'm usually at the beach for some volleyball, at a cute Toronto spot for some coffee, or cuddled up at home cooking with butter.

I pick up my camera to capture how things look, but more importantly, how they feel. I'm all about the loud laughter of your family, but also the quiet, intimate moments you might have with your person.

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Why I photograph

I had no idea photography would be my career path. Growing up, I loved Biology and Chemistry, but was always playing with cameras, painting, and drawing in the background. After years of quietly loving photography, I started taking photos for family and friends, and then things scaled quickly to connecting with new people.

I've always craved creativity in my every day life, and became inspired by love, connection, and the ability to capture how individual every relationship can be. My goal is to make you feel comfortable, so that you forget I'm in the room, and I can capture your connection and its cute quirks in the most authentic way possible.


Marta & Francesco

We contacted Cassie both for our pregnancy pictures and a family shoot in the park with our little one!
We are so glad we found her, she is all what we were looking for: a passionate and delicate human that was able to capture the joy as well as the beauty of the simple moments of our family.

Posing for her wasn’t really posing at all but more of a nice afternoon spent with my family doing something different and special.

We highly recommend her and we will surely be back for more!