Creating images that are true to you

My Approach

Whether I'm documenting a wedding, couple, or family session, I want photos to look natural, candid and true to you. For weddings, that means taking a documentary approach, where I'm mostly fly-on-the-wall capturing how the day felt. and little fleeting moments. For portrait or family sessions, that means lots of prompts that help you forget about the camera, laugh, and be yourself.

I always aim for my photos to feel like a storybook - with a touch of moodiness and cinematic aesthetic.

Work With Me

Why we'll get along


You want to live in the moment. For weddings, this means that the focus of your day is spending quality time with the people you love, not on hours of structured photos. The day is documentary style, focused on capturing connection, including during portrait sessions, where I'm a third wheel while the two of you steal time away together (with a bit of direction!).

Family sessions are child-led, meaning I document play and connection over the perfectly posted portrait.


You want to remember how it felt. You value authentic moments and connection over posed and pretty. The squeeze of a hand, the giggle of tickling your little one, dancing your butt off at an epic party, how the words of a vow felt: These are the details I focus on capturing. When you get your wedding or family photos, you can look back and be sentimental about how the day unfolded.


You're not afraid of breaking rules and taking risks. For weddings, this might mean breaking free from tradition, or including something near and dear to your heart (karaoke party after dinner, Persian knife dance, a first look that's completely spontaneous, candid wedding party photos at your favourite bar?). For families, this might mean being open to play and bringing in elements that are sentimental (having it at your messy home, or in a special park).

For both, this means being open to a bit of artistry and magic; take risks to make some amazing photos.

The photos are yours

No sales tactics!

These are your moments. I'm not here to make a quick buck and have you pay for your 'selects'. For any wedding or session, you get all your photos in an online gallery, all full resolution, all fully edited. These are your photos, for you to share, print, and post as you like.

Yes - I do offer printing services directly through your gallery, and I also help you design custom albums. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about this!

2024 Services & Pricelist

Please keep in mind that all services are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. I recommend booking immediately if you are ready to move forward with your date.

All services include an online gallery with high-res jpg images, edited with lots of love and the tones you see here.

Get in touch for full pricing and sample galleries.

Let's Talk


Intimate weddings or elopements - the perfect fit if you're doing something non-traditional, or something on the smaller side. 3 hours of coverage with options to add on extra hours or a second shooter.

FROM: $2000 + HST


Simply, every sweet moment documented. Upto 10 hours of coverage so you don't have to stress about timeline. Planning advice and consultations as needed, and a wedding album to tie things with a bow. Options to add on extra hours, film or a second shooter.

Add Super 8 film: $500

FROM: $4050 + HST

Family Session

Family, maternity, and newborn - done in the place you feel most comfortable: whether that's home itself, your favourite outdoor space, or a studio. Minimum of 40 fully edited, high res images.

Add Super 8 film: $200

Studio session: $180

FROM: $430 + HST

Couples Session

1-2 hours of me being your third wheel in your favourite outdoor location, home, date spot or studio.

Minimum of 40 fully edited, high res images.

Add Super 8 film: $200

Studio session: $180

FROM: $430 + HST

Get in touch for full pricing & sample galleries