These two. If I counted the number of laughs between a couple during a session every time, Erica & Evan would win, 100%, by 100 miles. It's not that one of them is a professional comedian, but it's that they are just so happy together, and find joy and quirk in everything the other says.... and that's totally one of the best things you could look for in a life partner - do you latch onto their every word, and do they just consistently make you smile? Sometimes it can just be that simple.

My favorite engagement sessions are ones where we just got for a little walk, and I just capture the 'how' of the two of you, and a few of your in-between moments, and damn I am impressed how much Erica walked in beautiful shoes up a hill. What a total champ.

We had a perfect sunset, and I had the best time smiling behind me lens at how much these two were laughing. I'm so excited for your wedding, Erica & Evan!