When I started my little photography company two years ago, the idea of photographing a destination wedding seemed like such a far-fetched dream. Suddenly the first one came up, and what an experience of a lifetime it's been capturing Kaitlin & Mac's wedding in Calgary. But even more important than a beautiful wedding in a stunning location is the love, fun, and special people that these two brought into their day. K&M were so deliberate with only inviting their closest, and spending quality time with their loved ones, and that's what's most important.

Our day started in Canmore, Alberta, which wow - has a view of the mountains from any location. Then we headed down to the lake for their first look, watched from afar by their parents, and then hopped onto a party bus for their mountain ceremony (and driving down there is damn distracting, because EVERYTHING is gorgeous, and at every turn you see different wildlife). Their ceremony happened in the hot sticky sun, which somehow I think everyone (myself included) stopped noticing as soon as these two walked down the aisle, because emotion just took over for everyone. We capped off the day with some sunset photos in downtown Calgary, at Modern Steak, where these two partied their faces off to end the night (and believe me - I wanted to stay in dance, but had a flight to catch).

I totally fell in love with Calgary on this day. But in the end, what made this day wonderful to document was the people and the love in the room. A reminder to all y'all planning a wedding right now: It doesn't matter where or how you get married, what makes it fulfilling is the people you surround yourself with, the vibe you create, the connection between the two of you, and that's what I love to capture as an artist (but please, still call me if you plan to get married in Calgary!).