Home sessions are far and away my favorite way to do lifestyle and family photography. Something about walking into a strangers home and having to connect in their space makes my emotional creative juices flow, and makes photography stop feelings like 'work'. I love learning about how people met, their first impressions of each other (Josh's BLUE eyes!), who is grumpier in the morning, and who's the better cook. I adored how they decorated their space, and made it feels like a home with pictures, plants, and peaceful colors they chose. I love how they were preparing for their baby, and how they made that part of their space extra special. And maybe that's why I love photographing in homes - because I don't bring extra lighting, specifically so you can remember exactly how your space felt when you lived there. You can remember your soft light, your light grey walls, how your couch sunk in, and how overcast it was that day. I'm so happy that Matine & Josh chose me to capture their maternity, and I'm so looking forward to meeting their little girl in the new year. I hope this blog post leaves you feeling inspired - let's connect if you're thinking of doing a family or lifestyle session.