I am such a sucker for a Toronto city wedding, proper. Why? Because your venue is always so reflective of what makes you, you. Farm/barn weddings are beautiful in their own right, and a total blast, but the venue you pick in Toronto is not only visually unique, but totally tells me about your 'vibe'. When Rachel and Michael told me they were getting married at the Gladstone, I thought to myself oooh these two are going to be a lot of fun, and super cool - and I was not disappointed. They surrounded themselves with good people, love a well-mixed cocktails, and made their day about them and their love.

Also, this was the first look to end all first looks for me - what a beautiful moment, in a stunning space. I felt so lucky to see a moment where two people were so happy to be making a commitment to each other. Some parts of this day, I just wanted to soak in and put down my camera.

Added bonus - the Gladstone had just renovated, and so we got to spend some time in some of their newest nooks and crannies :) If you're in Toronto, definitely stop by for a negroni (they make a good one). Thank you Rachel & Michael for having me on this wonderful day :)