Where do I even start with these two? This fun-filled, beautiful, intimate celebration at Cluny Bistro in the Distillery distract was so warm and inviting, so unique, and a perfect reflection of Laura and Elliott's love.

I love shooting in the distillery and especially at Cluny Bistro (French wallpaper, unique plates, warm lighting and mirrors!), but the flowers by Thyme Studio, all the beautiful color, and Laura & Elliott's style (talk about a killer dress and suit) was the icing on the cake. What I loved about this day is that Laura and Elliott made the celebration about their love, and their love of family and friends. You could FEEL the love and connectedness in the room through the laughter, the hugs, and tears.

I loved L&E's complete trust to go with the flow, and have the after party of their dreams (and invite me to document it!) Documenting the blurry, tequila soaked vibes of a post-wedding-karaoke party was too much fun. Without further ado, here is L&E's amazing wedding day.

I also loved A & F’s complete and utter trust in us, rather then planning for tons of time for photos of the two of them, I recommended to run out into the street when it was started to get dark. We stole these two beauties for 15 minutes during their cocktail and ran into the misty toronto streets. It was natural, romantic and just flat out fine. While as well, filling me creative juices. I love when the romance is a product of the moment and not constructed.