When Mike and Sadie contacted me to shoot a cozy newborn session in their home, I knew it was going to be a good one. I shot their wedding last year, and the two of them are so easygoing, easy to talk to, and I knew our visions for this session would match. Stars aligned for this session: a warm fall day, with beautiful light pouring into their home, and bright autumn colours outside.

Their son Max was born (unexpectedly early!) exactly one year from their wedding date, making their first baby all the more special. Honestly the chillest baby, just like his parents, who never cries, and just wanted to hang out with mom and dad, and maybe go down for a nap at the end of our session. What better way to capture these special moments by shooting a cozy lifestyle newborn session in the comfort of your own home? Add in their pup who was so excited to be part of the fun, and so gentle with Max, and you have maximum sweetness. I can't wait to watch Max grow up!